Friday, February 24, 2012

Best Fishing Sunglasses accessory

One of the most common "fish stories" is losing your sunglasses while reeling in the "BIG ONE"! Don't let this unfortunate incident slow you down or cost you more than a fish. Most fishermen take their sunglasses pretty serious, spending $150 or more for a great pair of polarized sunglasses that will protect their eyes from the sun, debris, wind or whatever else may come your way. Why not protect your investment with a pair of lightweight Cablz. Cablz come in a variety of sizes and lengths to suit your needs and fit your sunglasses securely. Cablz are a very inexpensive accessory to insure you don't drop those sunglasses in the water the next time you're out fishing.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tifosi Seek Best Fishing Sunglasses

Whether fishing is a hobby or a sport what sunglasses you wear can make a difference in the process. To be on the top of your game, you need protection for the sun's UV rays so that you're not squinting or unknowingly damaging your eyes. You want sunglasses that fit great, something lightweight, doesn't slide down or have to be adjusted constantly. Of coarse, polarized lenses are a must, giving you a clearer view beneath the waters surface when you are pulling in your catch. Tifosi has a wonderful selection of the best fishing sunglasses around, like this Tifosi Seek polarized sun glass. Tifosi frames have adjustable rubber nose and temples to create the perfect fit allow you to concentrate on the important things. Check out the great prices on the Tifosi Seek Sunglasses at today.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Best Switch for Fishing

Everyone knows that the best sunglasses for fishing or boating is a polarized sunglass. The polarized lenses reduce the glare created on water and actually allow you to look beneath the waters surface more clearly. Many people buy sunglasses specifically for fishing and then another for everyday wear. What if you could have the best of both worlds in one super lightweight sunglass? Now you can with Switch Magnetic Sunglasses! These amazing sunglasses give you the ability to quickly change the lenses from polarized, to a low light lense or even your prescription with a quick and easy removeable magnetic lense. The lens is securely held in place by a high-energy magnet so no worries even with the most vigorious sports and activities. All Switch Sunglasses come with 2 interchangeable lenses and a very handy LensPod that keeps your spare lenses safe from dirt and scratches. Make the switch to Switch Sunglasses at today! Don't see what you're looking for? Give us a call and let us make it happen at 1-800-889-3518

Monday, December 26, 2011

Kaenon Lewi Polarized Sunglasses

What are the best sunglasses for fishing?  This is one of the questions that I hear on a daily basis.  This is also a question that needs to be answered with a series of questions back to the customer who is asking.  The reason that I am highlighting the Kaenon Lewi Sunglasses today, is that no matter how you answer all of these questions, the Kaenon Lewi Sunglass will fit your needs.

The questions that I always as are:

Q: Where are you fishing?
A: If you are fishing in South Florida (Where we are located) I usually recommend a sunglass that has good side protection to prevent the fisherman from Sunburn on the side of their face.  If you are fishing in a climate with a lower UV index, a sunglass with a lower profile temple (Side) can be recommended.

Q: Are you fishing deepwater or shallow water?

A: If you are fishing Deep Water, I recommend a Kaenon Sunglass with a Grey Lens.  Fisherman who fish in shallow water, I recommend a Copper Lens.  The reason being is that a Grey Lens leaves colors and contrast neutral, while a Copper Lens enhances color and contrast, therefor allowing a fisherman to see the bottom as well as fish swimming just below the surface.

Q: What time of the day are you fishing?
A: Fisherman who fish early in the morning or late in the afternoon are usually better off wearing a Medium copper (C28) or a Dark Copper (C12) lens to enhance contrast.  Fisherman who are fishing in the middle of the day where the sun is the brightest, I usually recommend a Dark Grey (G12) Lens as a Dark Grey lens will offer the highest amount of tint and least amount of contrast so that your eyes can be protected from the brightest of light.

Q: Would you like a sunglass that offers you good coverage on the side of your face or are you just concerened with your eyes?
A: Aside from the function of the sunglass frame, there is a certain form factor as well.  Some people like wearing a sunglass with a thick temple, while others enjoy wearing a sunglass with less material (Plastic or Metal) on their face.  Surfers and Fisherman tend to like the thick frame styles while others may enjoy wearing a lighter weight and less obstructive frame.

Q: Would you like to protect eyes from impact in addition to sun protection?
A: I always recommend to everyone who comes into our store, whether you are a fisherman or a fireman, a policeman or a garbage man, to ALWAYS buy sunglasses with a shatter proof lens.  Most sunglass manufacturers these days to offer shatter proof sunglasses in polycarbonate or trivex.  Polycarbonate lenses offer shatter resistancy, although they are not quite as clear as Glass.  Trivex lenses are also shatter resistant and do offer a better clarity then polycarbonate lenses.  Kaenon manufacturers their own lenses out of a material that they refer to as SR-91.  The SR-91 lens material is the best of all worlds.  As clear as glass and as shatter resistant as polycarbonate.

Q: What is your budget for buying Fishing Sunglasses?
A: Kaenon makes Sunglasses in all mid to high ranges.  Whether you are looking to spend mid $100 range to $300, every Kaenon sunglass comes with the same High Quality Polarized SR-91 Lens Material.

Q: Will you be using these sunglasses every day or just for fishing?
A: Whether you are using the sunglasses for fishing alone or for every day use, you will be able to wear a pair of Kaenon Sunglasses like the Lewi.  The Lewi Sunglasses come in a variety of Frame Colors, Lens Colors, and Lens Shades.  Kaenon Sunglasses are sporty and elegant, so you don't have to worry that your fishing sunglasses look like fishing sunglasses.

To view an assortment of Kaenon Sunglass Models such as the Kaenon Lewi Sunglasses Click Here.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Enhance your professional look with avant-garde Sundog

Sundog 8 Iron
It is very difficult to follow both trend and style in a single creation but Sundog is the only brand in optical industry that has consistently proved it. Sundog is involved with many high-class sunglasses specially designed for outdoor activities like, sports, fishing, climbing and many more. Amongst these class-one sunglasses Sundog 8 Iron or 40250 is my ultimate choice. It is synonym of perfection finished with long-long construction by experts. Some visions are really critical like seeing in water, where the glare formation is very high. Sundog’s special creation 40250 is best to deal with this situation as it 100% reduces the glare formation of water and gives the crystal clear vision.
This particular model is not only good for vision but also carry alluring style that will surely complement your personality. Sundog is a well-established name from the past 25 years in eyewear industry and has since achieved many desirable goals with its innovative invention ideal for its users. One can carry this Sundog 8 Iron easily, completed with ultra light-weight material in silver shade and grade smoke lens. The stylish framing of this eye gear is designed with polyamide having flexible temples and soft nose pad that don’t put much pressure on wearer’s nose. 100% protective from UV rays is the most important feature of these sunglasses. One can have sundog sunglasses silver frame through different outlets and online stores at reasonable price.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Go Fishing Adorning Smith Undertow
Do you know that only your fishing tools aren't sufficient for a successful and enjoyable fishing experience? Yes! The best fishing and boating activity will be uncomfortable and incomplete without a good pair of sunglasses. It’s because the harmful UV rays are likely to damage your eyes while you are indulging yourself in such outdoor activity. So, it’s important for you to wear a pair of sunglasses to make your boating and fishing activity more enjoying and adventurous!
The Smith sunglasses are one among the top manufacturers of some of the very best boating shades in the eyewear industry. The Smith Undertow series has produced perfect sunglasses for fishing and boating. These shades provide distortion free and clear vision to the wearer every time. The eye gears under Smith Undertow are available in plenty of frame and lens colors to meet different tastes of people. High in quality, exceptional designs, polarized lens color and extremely light weight, these shades have matchless features that you will get with every pair of Smith undertow sunglasses.
So, if you are planning for a deep sea fishing trip, then don't forget to carry along your exclusive Smith undertow sunglasses. You can easily find these shades at various online portals at competitive rates!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Create ripples in water with well-fitted best fishing glasses

Fishing is one of the many water sport people partake all the year round. It has been hit with a wave of modernization in recent years. It feels like a hormone sprayed bait, with technologically advanced poles, life-like enticement and even performance enhancing equipment all synonym with this activity that was once a hobby and now turned into a full-fledged water sport. At the same time, the book covered– polarized fishing glasses features in the itinerary of every sports man.
Since the water sports became a much loved activity among large number of people, the demand for the best fishing glasses has been manifold. This specialized eyewear can be taken for fishing in the sea, rivers and lakes. Indeed, the height of the sun determines the horizontal polarization of the glares. Additionally, all reflections from objects above water are partially polarized. This means that, instead of light being scattered in all directions in more usual ways, reflected light generally travels in a more horizontally oriented direction. It creates an annoying and sometimes dangerous intensity of light that we generally experience as glare. These lenses contain a special filter that blocks this type of intense reflected light, reducing glare. Thus, the polarized fishing sunglasses cut glare and haze so that the water appears transparent your eyes are more comfortable and you can see better.
Fishing demands clearer vision of the water to watch lures with utmost focus and hunt for bubbles and ripples on the water’s surface, and therefore, polarized sunglasses are the best choice.
Oakley is one of the leading brands that deal in polarization sunglasses. The high quality and the comfortable fit is their key feature. Their polarized glasses come with all the perks of a top most sunglasses company, after many years of craftsmanship. The brand has better enhanced the polarization feature and made it better at blocking glare and giving clearer vision while creating one of the best fishing glasses- durable enough for tough water sports and outdoor activities. The Oakley polarized sunglasses are the top choice for the technologically advanced fisherman who has every other base covered.
However, not only are these eyewear used by fishermen, their long term benefit shave made them favorite among truck drivers too.
So, make sure when you set out on your favorite fishing expedition, you adorn polarized fishing sunglasses and yet creating a true style statement.